Workouts Equal Donations; Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund

Lynette's Medical Caner FundPictured: Lynette on her first day of chemotherapy.

October 26, 2016 Lynette Bazzill was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer known as Aggressive Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. This extremely fast-growing cancer requires an aggressive treatment regime which Lynette has begun with chemotherapy, followed by mastectomy, then 30+ days of radiation. Breast Cancer can strike anyone at anytime and, when it does, the fight for life through treatment is all-consuming.  Entire families lose their savings and homes by investing in loved ones who are going through treatment. To support Lynette and her family through treatment and recovery, Principle-Fitness & Pilates will donate $1 for every class you attend in December to Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund through GoFundMe -AND- provide anyone who donates directly with a free pass for any class on our schedule.

How Can You Help by Direct Donation?

Visit Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund at GoFundMe and make a direct personal contribution.  A donation of $10 is suggested but, remember, it doesn’t matter how much you give!  $1 or $100… it all adds up in the end and every bit counts!  After you donate you’ll receive a message with your free class from Principle-Fitness & Pilates.

How Can You Help by Taking Classes?

For every class you attend in the month of December 2016, Principle-Fitness & Pilates will make a donation of $1 to Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund on GoFundMe.  Example: If 25 people attend Mat Pilates at 10:10am on Monday morning, Principle-Fitness & Pilates will donate $25 to Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund on GoFundMe.  This donation applies for every class on our schedule. Visit the Principle-Fitness & Pilates Classes Page to view our current class offering and click “Sign Up” to complete your registration.  That’s it!  Single classes start at just $10!

Special PROMO CODE for 20% Discount on Classes

Principle-Fitness & Pilates is offering 20% off your purchase of classes in December to make supporting Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund by attending classes even better!  Simply enter promo code LYNETTE16 at checkout! (Single use discount; limit one per person.)

Questions & Support

Need help booking classes or using your PROMO code?  Call 480-231-7858 or email for help!

Source: Lynette’s Medical Cancer Fund by Jodette Wilmot – GoFundMe