Group Fitness Classes (55 minutes): A variety of floor classes including Mat Pilates, Cardio Step, Pure Strength, and Yoga Stretch. Class schedule is subject to change at anytime and it is recommended that individuals double check the available offering by visiting our Classes page.  All classes require a reservation to attend.

Single Class…  10

Four Pack…  36

Eight Pack…  64

30 Days Unlimited Classes…  95

Pilates Reformer / Tower / Chair Mixed Equipment Classes (55 minutes): Semi-Private sessions limited to only three attendees per class to ensure safety, quality, and (of course) fun! Each class has access to the use of Reformer, Chair, Tower, and Spine Corrector which allows our comprehensively trained teachers to tailor classes to your individual needs. Pilates Equipment Classes are a full-body resistance strength workout and move at a brisk pace to challenge strength, increase endurance, and make gains in flexibility. It is recommended that clients who are new to Pilates or have any special conditions start with a complimentary private session demo in order to understand whether Pilates Equipment Classes are a safe fit. (See details under INTRODUCTORY OFFERS at the bottom of this page.)

Single Class…  30

Four Pack…  112

Eight Pack…  208

30 Days Unlimited Classes…  250

Private Pilates Sessions (55 minutes): Work one-on-one with a classically trained comprehensive Pilates teacher in a 55-minute session focused on promotion of flexibility, lean muscle, strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. Each session is customized to your specific needs and will evolve as your form, strength, and flexibility improve. Our fully-equipped Pilates studio includes the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Wall Tower, Spine Corrector, and various small props, as well as a premium therapy table for Fascial Stretch Therapy services.

Single Private Session…  68

Four Pack…  264

Eight Pack…  512

Twelve Pack…  744


8 Pack Reformer / Tower / Chair Classes + 8 Pack Group Fitness Classes…  256

8 Pack Private Pilates Session + 8 Pack Pilates Reformer / Tower / Chair Classes…  688


Complimentary Private Pilates Demo:  This 55 minute session is specifically designed to introduce those with little-to-no Pilates experience or individuals with special conditions (i.e. chronic pain, postural conditions, etc.) to the movement of Pilates.  Considered “research and discovery”, this demo will allow individuals to move on equipment to discover capability and the Pilates Teacher to give a recommendation of where to begin moving forward (i.e. classes, private sessions, etc.)…  FREE

Introduction to Pilates Reformer / Tower / Chair 3 Pack Class Series:  This 3-session series is tailored for those who have little-to-no Pilates experience and are deemed healthy and fit for Pilates by a qualified medical professional. Each 55-minute Reformer / Tower / Chair Pilates session is scheduled based on individual availability and will focus on form, posture, modifications, transitions, and equipment management. Completing the Introduction to Pilates series will allow participants to easily roll into any Reformer / Tower / Chair class with the foundation necessary to keep up with class pace and exercise safely…  60

Terms & Conditions:  The studio is open by appointment only and a reservation is REQUIRED to attend all classes.  Walk-ins, while welcome, can not be guaranteed that the studio will be open or space in any class.  Reservations may be made online through our CLASSES page, through email at, or by calling or texting the studio at 480-231-7858.  All sales are final and non-refundable; however, account credits are transferrable to other clients.